WILHANSEN provides brokerage and consulting services for the chartering, sale & purchase of tramp ships and sometimes mediates financing partners and other marine equipment in the maritime and offshore business.


For many decades of intensive travelling activities enabled us to considerably expand our international clientele. Our continued associations and contacts with carefully selected and reputable

companies throughout the world enables and guarantees the quality of our brokerage performance.


Home city since foundation year 1930 was Hamburg. Founder was Mr. Wilhelm A.N.Hansen, Shipbroker, who died during world-war II. The company was aquainted by Mr. Erich Drescher 1947 and after his deadth by Mr. Joachim Drescher 1971.


Our clients and continous flow of information, coming in all day/night Shinc + Fhinc, from a clientele of thousands of firms throughout the world, ensures the fast, constant and efficient stream of information which is sorted, selected and made available for viewing, via internet and emails and other communication ways, at clients satisfaction.


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+49-4103-704 99 27 (fone)

+49-1577-47 42 133 (mobile)

+49-3222-40 96 989 (el.fax)

web www.wilhansen.com


shipping@wilhansen.com (major email address)

wilhansen.joachim.drescher@gmail.com (2nd email)

Joachim.drescher.3@epost.de (3rd email)




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